ELLWOOD CITY, PA: Franus Architectural Associates, Inc. has entered its twenty-fifth year in business. From humble beginnings as a solo endeavor by architect Daniel Franus to the current five-person firm, Franus has weathered economic downturns that forced larger and older architectural and engineering companies to close. This is an important milestone for the family-owned firm.

The firm has designed and managed construction for more than 700 projects throughout western Pennsylvania -- including private creek-side residences and historic churches in Lawrence County, modern municipal buildings throughout Allegheny County, and a brand new auto dealership in Westmoreland County. Franus and his team even designed a popular bed and breakfast in Beaver County.

What's the secret to success? "We provide our clients with innovative designs that can handle today's real-world situations," confesses Franus. "For example, we were using sustainable materials and coming up with environmentally-conscious designs before any such regulations or certifications even existed." In addition to sustainable building design, the firm values modern technology as evidenced by the wireless tablet carried by Franus to job sites instead of rolls of paper drawings. But always, the focus is on the client. "Obviously, we want to provide the best possible design for our clients," Franus states, "which is why I always stress that great design doesn't have to be expensive; it just has to be great." The firm is also known for producing meticulously detailed construction drawings. This makes life a little easier for the engineers and contractors who work with Franus on their projects.

With the first 25 years behind him, Franus is cautiously optimistic about the next 25. "We are utilizing many modern gadgets and embracing technology to take our designs and services to the next level. However, people are the priority. What good is a building that doesn't meet the needs of the people who spend their time in it?"

Franus Architectural Associates, Inc. is a western Pennsylvania-based architectural firm specializing in municipal, commercial, and residential projects. Architect Daniel Franus has more than 37 years of experience in architectural design, construction management, and cost estimating and is supported by a staff of four skilled professionals. With more than 700 successful projects completed, the firm is known for its highly-detailed construction drawings, its collaborative communication style with clients and contractors, and providing unique solutions to design challenges.

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