Have you lost your kitchen table under a pile of paperwork,
magazines, coupons, and cell phone chargers?

Do you still have a kitchen table or has it been demoted to the role of collector of car keys, mail, book bags, cell phone charging station, briefcase rack, and newspaper stand? We all know what it's like -- walking into the house and not having a convenient place to organize all of the "stuff" that has become part of our daily lives. The solution can be as simple as carving out a space 20" wide by 14" deep by 69" high that is near the door, but before the table.


That amount of space allows for a series of vertical cubicles to organize book bags, a slot for newspapers or magazines, space for a wastebasket for all of the junk mail, a slot for mail, and a shelf for keys and cell phone. If there's a receptacle nearby, the cell phone charger can be set up as a permanent charging station -- a bonus!

Like what you see? Contact us and we'll send you a drawing with dimensions so you can have it built in your home. And get your kitchen table back!