The North Sewickley Presbyterian Church in Ellwood City, PA, is getting some TLC. As the architect on the project, we designed an addition to the existing narthex area that included the use of SIP panels. Structural Insulating Panels (SIP) are comprised of an insulating layer of rigid core sandwiched between two layers of structural board. The benefits of this composite building material are many, but the most important for this project was the fact that they combine several components of conventional building, such as studs and joists, insulation, vapor barrier and air barrier. This saves installation time, which saves on material and labor costs. 

The renovation also includes the installation of a handicapped-accessible elevator and a new covered entry. Rounding out the changes are new sidewalks and retaining walls. Below are some progress photos and a rendering of what the final project will look like. Stay tuned for more progress photos throughout the summer as the project moves forward and wraps up.

SIP panel gets lifted into place on the church roof at North Sewickley Presbyterian Church.

SIP panel gets positioned on church roof at North Sewickley Presbyterian Church.

SIP panel placement from a distance at North Sewickley Presbyterian Church

Front entrance takes shape at North Sewickley Presbyterian Church

North Sewickley Presbyterian Church under construction

North Sewickley Presbyterian Church Rendering